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Bundles will not be split.

*Some bundles may contain blemishes or defects.
Alder (Character)6″43 ln ft$58.00
Alder (Rustic)6″190 sq ft$560.00
Ash (White, Select)6″92 sq ft$300.00
Aspen (Select)6″ x 3/4″175 sq ft$520.00
Basswood6″ x 3/4″50 ln ft$62.00
Basswood6″64 ln ft$85.00
Basswood (Character)5″60 ln ft$50.00
Basswood (Character)5″ x 3/4″380 ln ft$350.00
Birch6″62 ln ft$75.00
Oak (Character)6″38 ln ft$50.00
Red Oak (Blue Stain)6″ x 3/4″23 ln ft & 24 ln ft & 8 ln ft & 83 ln ft$170.00
Red Oak6″ x 3/4″20 ln ft$25.00
Alder (Character)5″105 ln ft$115.00
Alder (Character)6″24 ln ft$33.00
All Species4″95 sq ft$280.00
Ash (Character)5″72 ln ft$78.00
Ash (White, Black, Select)6″67 ln ft$85.00
Basswood6″ x 3/4″80 ln ft$235.00
Basswood (Character)5″175 sq ft$450.00
Birch (Character)6″(20) 8 1/2 ft boards (170 ln ft)$230.00
Blue Stain Pine5″130 ln ft$100.00
Butternut5″34 ln ft$36.00
Cherry6″ x 3/4″40 ln ft$130.00
Cherry (Select)4″190 sq ft$850.00
Hickory (Rustic)3″ x 3/4″168 ln ft$125.00
Hickory (Rustic)4″ x 3/4″47 ln ft$50.00
Hickory (Select)5″23 ln ft$30.00
Hickory4″ x 3/4″27 ln ft$26.00
Hickory4″ x 3/4″50 ln ft$50.00
Maple (Hard, Select)6″19 ln ft$28.00
Oak (Character)6″135 ln ft$165.00
Red Oak4″ x 3/4″21 ln ft & 21 ln ft$40.00
Red Oak6″ x 3/4″10.5 ln ft$40.00
#2 Red Oak4″ x 3/4″18 ln ft$18.00
Tamarack6″(12) 8 ft boards (1) 5 1/2 ft board$125.00
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